Trinity Center for Music

1989 saw the sprouting of Trinity Center for Music in Sunnyvale, California with just three students. In a decade of intense training where quality and purity became the hallmark of her teaching style, Anuradha presented one of her premier students at a debut concert in 1997.

It was no meager accomplishment when Anuradha’s students brought honor not only to her style of music, but also stood testament to her teaching proficiency. Her first group of students who competed in the Cleveland Aradhana set a new benchmark in the competition. The unprecedented calibre of her trained students notched up the standard for future generations of competitors in North America. Students continue to be shaped and moulded by Anuradha’s wholesome training which spares no detail, and under her constant scrutiny and keen observation the sprouts take a deep-rooted foundation. Be it articulation, or raga alapana, kalpana swaras, neraval, or demonstrating thisram for an intricate kanda nadai pallavi, Anuradha dedicated all her vitality to her students, who in turn reciprocate her rigour through hard work. Even the art of Harikatha, storytelling thorough musical expression, told a success story as its inception at the Cleveland competitions. Anuradha’s clever choice of the material for various competitions and dedicated training paid off when her students excelled and won prizes in various difficult advanced categories.

As a sign of recognition of a teacher and guru of great might, prizes, awards and distinction are showered upon Anuradha’s disciples. Some that deserve special mention are:

  • 1st prize in Concert Competition in Cleveland
  • 1st prize in pallavi singing
  • Best School in North America (2009)


Internationally, her students are also recognized for their prowess, winning the Music Academy’s Spirit of Youth best violinists:

  • 1st prize for violin at Naad Bhed National Reality show on Doordarshan (2013)
  • 1st prize in all India Radio competitions
  • best concert prize at Kalavanta (2014)


Students of Trinity are regular performers at major concert venues around the world including the South India Fine Arts in San Jose CA, The Madras Music Academy, Krishna Gana Sabha and Tamil Isai Sangam (Chennai). Anuradha’s time tested methods of teaching have transformed students into budding artists who are equally talented in vocal, violin and konnakol.